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All the people on My Single Friend are endorsed and recommended by one of their friends, and in order to set up an account, you will need to have a friend that participates in your dating process (although technically you could do all this yourself using two different email accounts).Your friend can be with you throughout the process, or he or she can help you with the account creation only.If you set up the profile yourself, you go through the usual steps of choosing what gender, age range and locations you are interested in, and setting the basics such as your own age, location, etc.

You can also add your personal notes to any given profile.

If your friend(s) find a suitable candidate, they can save the candidate in ‘Recommendations’ for you to approve or decline.

Btw, the search feature also has an option to exclude candidates that you have already liked, candidates that have already liked you, or profiles you have already bookmarked, so that you dont have to view people again that you have already considered.

This search function allows you to filter candidates based on age, location, when the user was last logged in (last day, week, month, 2 months or 3 months), and by any of the criteria the users submitted when creating the profile (height, drinking and smoking habits, religion, ethnicity, etc.).

You can either do this searching yourself, or your friend (or friends if you have more than one friend linked to your profile) can do the matchmaking for you (or you can in fact all search).

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