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Don't get me wrong -- it was nice at times, the attention I got from guys -- if it was the right guys. I like to look pretty, and for the most part I'm proud of my body (I spend enough time in the gym, I should get to show it off! And I like at times to wear form-fitting or revealing clothes, depending on the situation. So you take care of him." It was almost like Kieran told him. I know you wouldn't want to." Well, I wouldn't go that far. Don't act like it's your cross to bear that you're well-endowed." "You'd be surprised how many girls it scares off." "Poor baby. Or both." The truth was, both sounded pretty cool to me. "I'm afraid you'll have to leave the room if you want that." To my surprise, he let go of me, and got up off the bed! That's not to say I wasn't awoken from that trance in a hurry though, a few seconds after he pulled my panties to the side and placed the enormous engorged head of his penis where his fingers had just been, lodging it quite firmly between the outstretched lips of my vagina!And I was aware I would be treated differently from other girls -- by certain male teachers in high school, for instance. Of course, this didn't make matters any easier for poor Kieran. He was being very careful, I could tell, not to let his hardness -- if he even was hard -- come into contact with me at this point. But somehow I sensed Billy would be the last person Kieran would talk to about us. The fact was, I was curious as hell about seeing that big cock, even touching it, at least with my hands. That girl today didn't seem so scared." "I'm not saying it doesn't attract some of them too. But it's not necessarily as great as everyone thinks." "Uh huh. I'm just a girl who's trying to be good." "So I guess if I'm going to get taken care of, I'll have to do it myself." "That would be a yes." "And you don't want to like... At this point, I'd have almost paid money to watch that show -- and I could also enjoy putting on a show for him, to see him enjoy looking at me, to get off on watching me, even to jerk off. The guy was actually going to leave me, to go jerk off! His mouth was pressed so hard against mine that if I opened it further in shock, or tried to speak in protest, it wouldn't be heard anyway.So with Kieran, I was upfront about the fact that I wanted to take it really slow. He wasn't a "bad boy" or an arrogant athlete like some of my other boyfriends had been. We were into the "act" quickly: "God it feels so good to have you holding me down with your big, strong arms, and just taking me..." "Yeah... "Your cock seems so big, so long, so thick as it pushes inside me..." "Mmm hmmm..." he sounded like he could be close to cumming. "You're reaching places so deep inside me I didn't think any man could ever reach! I made it sound like I meant emotionally, and in a way, I did. I worked my way down to his thighs, now, even turning him over so I could kiss all over his hard little butt, letting my tongue flick teasingly into the crack for a moment.I'd said that with other guys, and found out they got impatient quickly, so I really wanted to make sure he got it. He was patient with me, and I really believed he liked me for me. It sure does..." Of course, I was thinking about Billy's arms. "I'm so hot and wet and open for you, you've waited so long, and you're so turned on..." "Yes I am baby..." "I feel the head of that huge cock pressing into me..." He didn't say anything. But I was imagining Billy's huge appendage, and what it would to do me physically if I let him inside me... I barely even noticed that he was getting hard again, but when I did, it was like one last treat -- to get to kiss up and down that gigantic shaft again and run my tongue over ever square inch of it this time, feeling its heat and hardness against my tongue.Of course, we kissed and stuff, and I could definitely tell he got aroused when we did, but I was pretty firm with my "rules." As far as "petting" went, I told him my erogenous zones were all off limits -- because I knew, from experience, that when I got triggered by being touched or kissed on certain parts of my body, all my thoughts about going slow might go out the window. It never even occurred to me that his fresh wood might mean something else was about to happen -- so wedded was I to the notion that we were just finishing up, and I had essentially been "good", in the one way that most mattered.Of course, he didn't love this, especially when he realized, early on, that that included my breasts -- that he wasn't going to touch me there, and I wasn't going to take my top off -- or at least would make him stop at my bra. I'm sure he must have been thinking something very different, though, as my kisses led me back up the middle of his stomach and chest toward his face, with my hand holding and caressing his enormous shaft.

Honestly, I got tired of guys staring at me, following me, chatting me up for no apparent reason, and didn't really want to create more of that. You feel a little bad, because you're not putting out. "God, now I'm starting to feel sorry for the guy." "Don't talk about him." "Sorry." "It's okay." A beat passed. Little did he know how close he was to having me... "Just so you know, I'm trying not to press up against you like that, because of before. Very." "Thanks for letting me know." "In case you weren't sure." "I hope you're not thinking that I'm going to..you out with that." "Of course not. I imagined for a moment Billy's hot body, the water on it, him soaping himself down, washing off the cum that my pictures had created and caused. I know it sounds incredibly nave or ditzy that I wasn't even thinking about it, but you have to understand the state I was in -- it was some kind of heightened irrational place where very little in the way of new information could penetrate my little blonde brain other than the glorious feeling of this big strong man kissing me.I have a long torso and my breasts sit pretty high on my chest, and I guess you could say they attract attention. I actually think my legs are my best feature -- long (I'm 5'7"), slender, and toned from years of dance lessons -- and certainly when I strap on wedges or pumps, or cross my legs while wearing shorts or a short skirt, I can sense that I'm having an impact on men in the vicinity. Kieran sometimes got a thrill out of walking across campus a few steps behind me, while I'm wearing a tight t-shirt or something, and watching how guys stare, and turn their heads after they pass -- and sometimes even chase after and start talking to me. That ripped guy with the big dick, that every girl has to try at least once or twice? I didn't want to return to our separate rooms again. And then that big strong arm, wrapping around my bare waist, and pulling me into his bare chest. His mouth was at my ear as I adjusted to the feel of him pulling me against him. He even said I could give them to my boyfriend if I wanted -- just if I submitted them anywhere professionally, to give him photo credit. "We can't," I managed, despite the fact that my long legs were wrapped around him and crossed at the ankles, and my hands were still on his back, holding him close into me.I think it's kind of silly and borderline annoying, but Kieran loves the pride of knowing I'm "his" at such moments, and so once in a while I'll indulge him. " "From what I hear, they're not the ones who flake off." "Maybe I haven't met the right one yet." "Maybe that's what you say to every girl you want to have sex with." "I don't want to do anything you don't want to do. So we went out to the beach one Friday -- I took a friend with me just to feel totally on the up and up -- and he spent hours photographing me in various little swimsuits and underwear. I decided things couldn't get any more out there, and what really was the harm? I watched, wide-eyed, as his enormous cock jerked, and this long, thick stream of cum just rocketed out of it, all the way over his head and against the wall behind him. I just dropped it on the floor and ran to the restroom. It wasn't for his benefit, or to turn him on, but because I wanted to! "Just to feel it, for a second..." he purred, like he'd probably said to countless other girls, before he proceeded to blast his cum into their hot little bodies. I know how much you want this." "I do, but I can't...With a bra, of course -- I'm not looking to create a scandal -- but still, Kieran would tell me it was torture to look at me in some tight top with a hint of bare belly showing -- and know that for the most part, my body was "off limits." I admit that I got lucky, somehow -- I don't know why. I turned out the lights and lied down in the bed, on my side, my heart pounding, breathing so fast I thought I might pass out. But he showed me some other shots he'd done, and the guy was good. As great as it felt, and as long as I had been waiting for this moment, or at last a part of me had, I couldn't let it happen.I'm one of those rare girls who finds it easy to stay slim and tight -- although the crunches and cardio help bring out the hint of stomach muscles that wouldn't be there on their own. C cups, actually, and that's without surgery, thank you very much. After making me wait a good five minutes, he came in. Maybe if I didn't look at him, I wouldn't do anything I'd regret later. I could feel the heat of his body as he slid toward me. He offered to supply a hair and make-up person, and give me the shots for free. I broke the kiss, stunned at what was happening, how he'd never even removed my panties, never taken a moment to get permission, but was just plundering me like his prize.

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