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It’s all wonderfully self-affirming and not only includes advice for individuals trying to cope with the end of relationships – and help t hem regain confidence to date again - she also provides guidance for friends of those experiencing such trauma.

The site is clearly navigable, the advice spot on, and the whole feel of the site is one of professional optimism which, given the testimonies Laura has received, seems to be spot on.

Laura Yates Not technically a dating blog but Laura fills a necessary hole in the dating advice sector.

Laura is a relationship coach and writer and her blog focusses primarily on dealing with break ups and rejection.

And yes it can seem slightly perverse to follow the dating rituals of a complete stranger but it’s a public forum.But I was recently party to a twitter conversation between 2 such bloggers in which they lamented the possibility that they may in fact meet someone, at which stage their blogging career would effectively end.However, even those dating blogs that do end provide a fantastic overview of the search for love, lust or whatever.It would be interesting to see how traditional dating blogs would change if they read Laura’s advice first!Obviously there are plenty of dating blogs out there on the old interwebs and non-inclusion here is not a measure of quality.

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