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All of the payment methods we currently support through will be available to charge your Balance, with a few exceptions. You will be able to use Balance in combination with another payment type to make certain purchases through Account Management, such as World of Warcraft paid services.

However, you will not be able to combine payment types to make Diablo III auction house purchases.

We'll have further details to share closer to release. At launch, there will not be a way to give Balance as a gift to another account holder; however, we're looking into the possibility of adding that feature in the future.

Yes, there will be limits on how much can be stored in your Balance. Depending on local laws and regulations, we may be required to remove the Balance from any account that hasn't been accessed in over 3 years.

To protect your Digital Video Games purchase in the event you report it lost or not working, Amazon may invalidate the digital code linked to your purchase.

There is no action required from you and your personal information will not be shared.

Are you sure there's no arrow to click to make your selection? Yeah, I actually think I uploaded it on there when I got the Starcraft II expansion, since I don't have a case for it, and yes I used a prepaid visa card for it. It says there's an error and sends me to the website, but I did some research and it appears a lot of people are having this problem.i had like 10 bucks from diablo 3 auction house on my balance and it worked fine.

I even bought 5x 20 USD auction house cards and redeemed to my balance to purchase packs.

A wider range of payment alternatives will be available for those who wish to use Balance.It all worked for me, has to be an issue with the transaction or perhaps how you got the 10USD onto the account.Balance is a new feature that will allow players to store value in their account, which can be used to buy Blizzard Entertainment products such as World of Warcraft game time, paid services, digital versions of games, and in-game pets and mounts.For more information on the Diablo III auction house, read the auction house FAQ.When you log in to Account Management, you will be able to add value to your Balance through a variety of different payment methods, such as debit or credit cards or a variety of region-specific payment methods.

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