Dating a music man guitar

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Founded in 1974, Music Man made a name for itself with the revolutionary introduction of active electronics in its production instruments.

Whilst working for the team, Sterling Ball was a key figure in the design and development of the Music Man Stingray basses, before officially purchasing the company in 1984.

Since the late Eighties, the company, based in San Luis Obispo, California, has produced some of the industry’s most renowned signature-model instruments, designed in conjunction with virtuoso guitarists like Steve Morse, Steve Lukather, Eddie Van Halen, Albert Lee, and John Petrucci.

When Music Man builds tools for these artists, it’s with the intention of creating a dream guitar that meets their individual needs.

Music Man guitars are high-end professional instruments that offer ultimate sound & performance to the modern pro player.

We are also happy to stock Sterling by Music Man Guitars an affordable alternative with great build quality and Music Man design.

In addition to their cutting edge, modern guitars, Music Man also offer ‘classic’ designs for those wanting something a little more traditional.

Despite its sleek curves, easy playability, and bold tone, the Silhouette was not a hot commodity upon its release. “When we showed the guitar, people laughed because it didn’t have a pointy headstock or a semi-naked girl airbrushed onto it. Rather, he has remained primarily concerned, as he says, with making tools for artists.

For Music Man, this concept has deep and literal meaning.

View All Information Featuring meticulously sculpted body shapes with optimized contours, weight distribution and resonant chambering, not only do Music Man Guitars look and sound incredible but they also deliver a lightning quick playability and rugged construction perfect for life on stage.

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