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Dressed in full patent leather regalia, I am magnificent as I trains my helpless slave how to worship my thigh high patent leather boots in proper fashion.

From the tip of my dagger like stiletto heel, all the way up the shaft and just below Goddess perfection, my slave must kiss and lick every inch of my expensive Italian leather boots. Mesmerized by the heady aroma of the leather/ Drunk with desire.

He craves to be at her feet and worship her magnificent boots.

He begs to care for her vast boot collection and all this entails. But does he truly comprehend the importance of this highly desired position?

She observes his suffer holding the leash tight so there is no escape from the torture. Cali tells Mia that shes got the little guy so well trained, hes even given her his whole paycheck.

Lady Electra is very amused during this clip fucking and gagging his mouth with her feet like hell. Category: FOOT GAGGING Keywords: electra, herrin, mistress, maitresse, domina, padrona, fussherrin, fussdomina, erniedrigen, sadistin, sadistic, brutality, folter, submission, femdom File Name : Boot Heel Worship Cbt Humiliation - Mouth Fuck Humiliation. Cali took dannis whole paycheck and used every last penny to go out with her boyfriend.

Using shaving crme and a safety razor, he must give Mistress a smooth, close shave, paying attention to every detail and taking great care not to nick or cut his Mistress in the process.

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Category: LEATHER Keywords: BDSM, corsets, Domination, Ethnic, Fetish, femdom, Kink, Leather, Bondage, corporal punishment, Empres Jeun, Caning, Mistress File Name : Asian Cruelty - ENTERTAIN ME BOOT SLAVE.To that end, Illsa digs her long, six inch stiletto heels deep into his stomach, back and legs, ripping and tearing his flesh with ease.Like a lethal switch blade, her boot heels slash her slave effortlessly and mercilessly, as he squeals and cries beneath her. This is just a sample of the pain and suffering that one must endure, to experience the privilege of being her boot caretaker. Stick it out further, so I can feel it between my toes.Kitsa is an extremely beautiful, creative and cruel Goddess who absolutely loves turning helpless white men into her adoring slaves! Watch for several clips from Goddess Kitsa Sakurai in the coming weeks.

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