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The study found that those who had been dumped were significantly more distressed and angry and were more likely to have sex with someone else in order to try and distract themselves from those emotions.

Cooper said of the findings: 'It suggests that people who are using these strategies are, in fact, more likely to take sexual risks, and that they may be having greater difficulty in moving on and establishing a new relationship.' Dating and relationship expert Kezia Noble told Mail Online that rebound sex can have some positives - particularly for the person who dumped their partner.

Here's why: After being in a loving relationship for so long, having sex with someone else might be physically exciting, but the short term potent effect it has often leaves people feeling empty and disempowered afterwards.

'People 'rebound' as they wish to avoid the pain of loss, the pain of break up.

Somewhere in the Missouri Ozarks, there is a 20-foot Burmese python on the loose, and its owner desperately wants his slithery pet back.

The hulking brown and tan python, nicknamed SS Wraps, escaped from its cage near Rogersville a week ago.

It is best known for its Blues and Jazz music, barbeque, Gateway Arch, roller coaster amusement parks, and beer breweries.

With great modern cities like Kansas City and St Louis to party in, their hot party scenes, bars and clubs, are ideal for meeting singles and swingers alike.

'He could be curled up in a tree somewhere, or he could have gotten into the creek that’s near here,' he tells Ozarks

This comes from grief, surely, but also from a deeper source, as Mc Donagh shows us in flashback.

Every major character is found to have hidden layers — Harrelson’s folksy sheriff, Rockwell’s brutal and biased deputy.

It’s about personal outrage in public spaces, vehement indignation, misdirected anger. It’s about Ebbing, Missouri, Charlottesville, Va., or just about anyplace in America. Mc Donagh takes Margaret’s rage and weaponizes it — with language (where Mc Donagh has few peers) and with worse.

Her inconsolable and violently angry mother, Mildred (Frances Mc Dormand), rents three billboards and emblazons them with phrases that caustically chastise the sheriff (Woody Harrelson) for failing to solve the crime. But the vile language is part of the point — this is a movie about a woman literally advertising her anger.

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