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If such a chronology can be constructed, a main goal of the project will then be to establish a BC date for the creation of Adam, the Flood, and a biblical chronology for the time-period between the Flood and Abraham (Genesis -32).

These dates can then be correlated with historically grounded, non-carbon 14 based archaeological data from this time period, serving an important apologetic purpose.

This is particularly the case for the post-Flood epoch from Shem to Abraham.

During the Reformation, the Hebrew Masoretic Text (MT) supplanted the primacy of the LXX in the Western church, and thus, a chronological interpretation of Genesis 5 and 11 using the MT’s numbers became the majority viewpoint.

She’s driven, intelligent, creative, with a huge heart and treats me like like a queen.

However, Brandi admitted to the other girls later that she fears there may indeed be a dark side to Josh, telling them: 'I see so much of my ex-husband in him - always says the right thing, does the right thing - but then on that note has a dark side because he has no other outlet.

The research has produced substantial fruit, and as a result, ABR is pleased to announce plans to publish our first book, tentatively titled, "From Adam to Abraham: The Case for the Septuagint’s Chronology in Genesis 5 and 11." This update will survey the goals of the project, describe new developments and the present direction of our research, answer some questions we have received about Genesis 5 and 11 from supporters, and briefly outline plans for publication(s).

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