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Looking over at him she couldn’t stop herself from saying it again, “I still can’t believe that you picked me up and are STILL letting me ride with you Chet; you’re so NICE to me.” Earlier in the day he dropped off a load in Memphis and picked up another one on his way to Los Angeles.

Just after crossing the Tennessee border he stopped at the Transportation Centers of America truck stop on US40 in Earle, Arkansas so they could take a shower.

By the time she had run the mile and a half to the low bridge over U. She had to take the chance and ran to the middle of the highway and waved her arms in wide arcs.

The long blast of an air horn from the looming made her want to run but she stood waving her arms more violently.

They were headed for a picnic lunch at the park down the road.He’d heard about attempted escapes before but heard that none of them had succeeded.After he got over the fright of almost hitting the girl he was moved by the intensity of her pleas.Opening her eyes she saw the front of the huge Freightliner no more than five feet from her.The driver’s door opened and a man with a cowboy hat jumped down and rushed toward her with an angry frown on his weathered face.

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