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The Band eventually disbanded in 1968 as the boys got older and left the BB.Active in 1896, when on May 8th, under the direction of Bandmaster Belcher, they led the annual Volunteer Church Parade at the Priory Church and in the afternoon the band played a selection in the Marker Square.Formed in Harwich by those who left the Harwich Town Band in 1936. When the Territorals were called to the Colours, the members were dispersed and the band went out of existance after just 3 years. This Industrial and Reform School was opened in 1891. An Abbott Memorial School Band was also active in 1886, when it took part in the "Monstre Children's Trip to South Shields" Formed in the 1890s, had paid off the instruments by 1899 - conductor William Way.In 1900 the band collected £4 as a donation to the war reservists' fund. Still active in the 1930s Founded in 1884, however it may not have lasted long.Many members were formerly with the Fletton Victoria Prize Band, most of who joined up in 1914 to become bandsmen. Joe Hackney, formally the Fletton Bandmaster took control of the band.They were also used as stretcher-bearers, but later on were used to carry out full soldiers' duties. Originally a bugle band it eventually became a brass band for the second battalion of the regiment but had improved so much by 1887 that it was promoted to the band for the 1st Battalion, the professional band which had previously existed being done away with.

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Some of the original members transferred from Stoneywood, finding it more convenient to attend practices in Aberdeen.Throughout the 1960's and 70's the City band was much in demand for concert appearances and had some notable successes in concerts.On two occasions the band took first place in the Scottish Championships, thus qualifying to play in the British finals in London.Counties referred to are the historical counties of the UK (see Finally, if any band appearing on this list is still active, please let me know!An augmented version of this list (with over 12,000 bands) "British Brass Bands - historical directory" is now available as a PDF document.

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