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The girls continued following the tour guide until they approached a small shop run by a short forty-five year old man.They looked around, each picking out a piece of jewelry and paying the man.“Niyol is seventeen, Shilah is fourteen.” “Father found a nice pair,” Shilah whispered to his older brother, out of range for the women to hear.“Boys, why don’t you show Karlie some of our family artifacts,” Gaagii said, pulling Taylor over.

The girls stepped out of the luxury car and started into the reservation.

The Navajo people were very conservative when it came to clothing.

None of them would ever be caught dead in anything close to what the thin blondes were wearing.

“My name is Gaagii, it means Raven.” “I’m Karlie, it means…Karlie,” the model joked. “Taylor Swift.” Gaagii laughed to humor her, not knowing at all who she was.

The man held his arms out, allowing each girl to hang on and walk with him.

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