Who is ashley hamilton dating not confident dating

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When Jenna finds out about this she tries to apologize to Sadie, who is convinced that Jenna picked the sex exchange game on purpose.

After the failed apolgy attempt, Jenna bumps into Matty, who smiles at her but walks away because the cheerleaders were watching and Jake, who overheard the conversation between the the two and tells her that she was brave to do the prep rally.

However, after returning home Jenna discovers she has 21 new friend requests on her online profile page and also changes her blog to invisible girl daily.

The episode begins with Jenna visiting the doctors with her mother Lacey and best friend Tamara Kaplan.

She takes Tamara as her plus one and is immediately insulted by an angry Sadie, but she's heartbroken when she saw him making out with another girl in the hot tub.

Matty later asks the girl to stay away when she offers to take it upstairs, however Jenna didn't see it.

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She also befriended Tamara Kaplan and Ming Huang, who are her best friends.The episode starts with Jenna having sex with Matty in her childhood playhouse and gives she gives him her teenage mutant ninja action figure, which she finds out he used to collect.He says goodbye to her and invites her to Lissa's party, making Jenna thinks Matty is taking their relationship public at an 'in crowd'.Jenna reveals that she loses her virginity to Matty Mc Kibben at summer camp in a supply closet.She realizes getting the boy of your dreams isn't all it's cracked up to be, especially when he's too embarrassed to be seen with you, as he asks her to keep it a secret and that they should date in secret.

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