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He said the woman told him: 'I feel like I have been passed around' and was upset.'She was more frustrated but then became upset afterwards.

I think I said: 'Oh dear, I think you should leave'.'I was initially concerned because she was upset but she wasn't that upset.'When she left she didn't say anything.

Yes, I was with Michael the night of the DUI, the story of the Uber and crying and me wanting to stay with him that night are true. I am probably going to lose him because he is a brand that his team wants to protect and things since he went to rehab came to my attention that didn't put him or our relationship in the best light.

He is the first man I ever had intimacy with and felt comfortable and all woman.giving Radar Online additional details of her supposed first date with Phelps after meeting him on Tinder, which involved watching a Baltimore Ravens game at the athlete's home.

But Putland allegedly put on a condom and told the woman: 'It's okay, we don't have to have sex, we can just kiss'.

In my early teens I was medically diagnosed and went on testosterone blockers, at 15 estrogen enhancers.

My birth certificate was modified along with my name while I was a teenager, prior to any corrective surgery.

He denies two counts of rape and says the sex was consensual.

Putland told the jury the woman had consensual sex with him after being 'flirtatious' with him when they met in a nightclub.

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