Johnny depp now dating

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At the time a joint statement was released by Heard and Depp that read: 'Neither party has made false accusations for financial gains.

Appearing bleary-eyed, he departed the nightclub surrounded by his security.'Johnny didn't hold back.Talk of Depp's well-being continued on Friday night after his appearance on the Graham Norton show night left viewers questioning whether he was 'high or drunk'.He had been recalling his lifelong dream of going to Disneyland dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow and just pretending to be a statue. Fans of the show quickly took to Twitter claiming Depp was high.'Johnny Depp looking stoned on #Graham Norton show,' one Twitter user wrote. ' and 'Johnny Depp is either high, drunk or both.' His appearance follows a tumultuous year for the Hollywood A-lister since his split from wife Amber Heard in May 2016 amid accusations of domestic abuse.The actor accuses his former advisers of adding 'irrelevant and improper' statements to their response - which he believes constitutes 'inflammatory material' - only to try and 'viciously attack' him in the public sphere.Furthermore, Depp pointed to the claim that he engaged in a practice of habitual lying which – as his ex-managers stated: 'has become Depp's modus operandi when confronted with and asked to take responsibility for his continually outrageous and sad conduct', saying this false allegation is only an attack that serves as a vehicle for distracting from the main issues of the case.

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