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Libya is not the only nation to have been decimated by the U. Arab slave auctioneers were secretly taped selling bodies for as little as 0 to become farm laborers in a recent report by CNN. I'm wondering if Khadafi was such a horrible dictator why wasn't this happening when HE WAS in power?Tebu Mohammed, a Libyan citizen living in Tripoli, expressed the views of many Libyans when he told the Daily Mail that “Libya died with Gaddafi.We are not a nation anymore.” The current situation in Libya stands in sharp contrast to what things were like under Gaddafi’s rule.News has spread and inspired many to call for an end to the horrific practice. I., Diddy and Cardi B have recently spoken out about the situation. It’s been going on for awhile, especially since former Libyan Muammar Gadaffi was captured and killed in 2011. One has no choice but to conclude his absence made this possible.🤔 JCbd QJ8 — T. (@Tip) November 28, 2017 Cardi B had a lot to say about what’s going on as well, calling out the United Nations during an Instagram Live session.

The domestic criminal justice system remained dysfunctional, offering no prospects for accountability, while the International Criminal Court (ICC), despite having jurisdiction over Libya provided by the UN Security Council, failed to open any new investigation into ongoing crimes.

“They always in someone business or bullshit, all the time. Diddy, Common, Pharrell, Azealia Banks and Fat Joe are just a few of the other Hip Hop artists who have addressed the grim situation in Libya. COMRADES PLEASE BE AWARE & BEWARE OF POSTING INACCURATE IMAGES/MEMES OF THE LIBYAN SLAVERY CRISIS. Inaccurate news and memes makes it easier for folks to dismiss the issue all together.

I don’t understand why they not making it their problem or priority, to help what’s going on in Libya.” She opined that the U. #Libya #No Person ASlave #Abolition Np — DROGASLight Out Now!

More recently, a new report released by the Geneva-based Small Arms Survey has also labeled Libya as an international hotspot for illicit weapon sales, examining thousands of attempted trades.

The Gaddafi regime, prior to losing power, had tightly regulated the domestic arms trade and prevented the illegal sale of weapons. The weapons market has surged in the years since the 2011 invasion that resulted in Gaddafi’s ouster, as the Libyan government’s weapon stores were looted and quickly fell into the hands of terrorists. government and deliberately given to “moderate rebels” in Syria, which – at the time – included the al-Nusra Front, a branch of al-Qaeda that operates in Syria.

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