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We're like mom, baseball and apple pie, only in the form of My Friend's Hot Mom, Naughty Athletics and Neighbor Affair.And our version of the American Dream is a little naughtier, as depicted in American Daydreams.In the chapter on conception and birth, the book details three stages: “father and mother love each other”,” father puts penis in mother’s vagina”, and “father’s sperm enters mother’s womb”.

But there is anecdotal evidence that even this message is not getting through.

Other reports claim that a lack of basic knowledge about sexual health is responsible for many teen girls having abortions, especially during winter and summer vacations.

Shandong-based series would go some way to building this essential foundation of knowledge.

” was “I found you in a rubbish pile,” or “I gave birth to you from my armpit”.

Despite being one of the most populous countries, sex education was almost unknown in Chinese households and schools, avoided as a vulgar topic that should only be alluded to.

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