Dating site script in php advice dating busy man

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You then find some places where people are talking about web hosting.

Then you’ll find once again there are forums, facebook groups and blogs where you can participate, build a reputation and get people coming to your site.

This is a much more feasible plan than a general type directory.

If you do want to make a more general directory, choose your categories carefully and do a very good job rather than being open to any sort of link.

Maybe you have been running your php LD for many years, and everything is running great. But we highly recommend about once per year you do a site tune up that includes improving the page speed, checking for HTML errors, and checking the code libraries in php LD to make sure there are no security vulnerabilities. We will check all of these things and make improvements to your php LD.

In some cases we may recommend more work beyond the , but a basic tune up every so often can go a long way (like taking care of your car!

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