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However, children of the same or similar age are highly unlikely to be prosecuted for engaging in sexual activity, where the activity is mutually agreed and there is no abuse or exploitation.The Crown Prosecution Service has issued guidance to prosecutors, which sets out the criteria they should consider when deciding whether or not it is in the public interest to bring a prosecution.To be honest I find it hard to think like that but would like to know what other people have been through/think about it.Legally it's not allowed she is still a minor you need to sit them down and explain this to them both weather they stop having sex is not going to make a difference but you need to make it clear it shouldn't be also warn your son of the consequences of him having Sex in the eyes of the law these children can not give consent so your sister is right in what sh says it's nice you were able to disgust sex and being carful about safe sex with your daughter etc but if someone informs the police these boys could end up in big trouble it's hard because most 15 year olds go out with 16-17 year olds etc and most consent but there are some girls who are groomed by the boys or feel under pressure about it they just need to know the law there is not much you can do to stop it also inform the lads mother so she is aware and can speak to him about it ?

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She returned our house key in with the note so am assuming she doesnt want anything to do with us?

Question: My girlfriend just found out that I visit sex chat rooms online. I told her it wasn't anything serious, but she says it's cheating.

Is online sex considered cheating the same way realworld sex is?

Girls need to be taught from a young age to do things on their own terms not through pressure, so keep instilling that in her.

I'd say your main concern is the family members who are 'kicking off' about it, as they could report them and your daughters boyfriend could potentially get in a lot of trouble.

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