Backdating rent allowance

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The legislative definition of those terms are: This condition requires the claimant (and potentially their partner) to fulfil certain age qualifications and be working for a minimum number of hours per week. The claimant must satisfy the criteria of at least one of these to be treated as being in qualifying remunerative work.

In summary the requirements are as follows: In the case of a single claim: The requirement that couples with children must work at least 24 hours between them was introduced from 6 April 2012. Their situation remained unchanged from 6 April 2012 because Ken is aged 60 or over and qualifies for WTC by working at least 16 hours as week.

Even if a person meets all of the above conditions, they may still not be treated as being in qualifying remunerative work if any of the following exclusions apply.

For this purpose, payment of a social security benefit is not work.

Whether a self employed retailer is working in expectation of payment cannot be determined simply by the mark up on goods sold.

It does not necessarily matter that a self-employed earner might trade at a loss.

Examples of when we do this: If you’re of pension age, we’ll automatically backdate your claim by up to three months from the date we receive your claim.

There should be a probability rather than just a possibility that a payment will be made.

If a person reasonably expects payments for work done then the condition is satisfied.

Also excluded is: Condition 2 details the number of hours a claimant will need to work in order to claim tax credits.

However, one of the most difficult areas of WTC can be determining someone’s working hours.

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